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Matseutseu-Maropeng Combined School is an independent junior and senior boarding school situated at Lenyenye township on the outskirts of Tzaneen town. the school is a member of the Independent Schools Association Of South Africa(ISASA) which represent quality, values and diversity. Matseutseu-Maropeng Combined Independent School is an educational institution which strives to provide learning environment that will build and develop the potential of each learner whithin multiculturaland multi-faith settings. The school provides academic foundations through nationally and internationally recognised and highly dedicated, motivated and committed teaching staff.


To work closely and effectively with all stakeholders to be able to reach the highest standard in the independent schools environment.


To provide a holistic amongst other things, academic, social, spiritual, cultural and sporting activities.

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At Matseutseu-Maropeng Combined school Independent School, personality counts and everyone has a total commitment to show consideration, recognition and respect for each other. Each child is is encouraged to build and develop their self esteem and the school prides itself with the ability to provide exciting learning environment to the children. The school follows the naional curriculum that caters for the holistic development of all the pupils and emphasizes the importance of leading a well-balanced life. Much emphasis is put on morality, ethics, honesty, respect and accountability to all learners.


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2124 Stadium Street, Lenyenye

P.O. Box 339

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